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Tuesday, February 28


Fountain pen + water freehand drawing in last convention. Hope you like guys! :)

Thursday, February 16

Idle in the Unrest

Hi Everyone!

Finished off my Mechish concept and threw in a rooftop sci-fi scene. Maybe too much Chromatic Aberrations when you zoom in, but not as noticeable at full size. Also a few shots of the Model, with and without the quick rags.

Let me know what you think!

Sunday, February 5


Combat Helmet design taking some influence of the starwars storm troopers / gas masks and traditional Samurai Masks / Helmets.

Mauricio Ruiz Design
IG mauricio_ruiz_design

Mauricio Ruiz Design - Mechish

Hi Everyone!

Just started this thing going and hopefully will get to finish it soon.I have a vehicle I'm working on that this guy will be piloting, so I'll have more on that coming soon as well!

(Just realized to hold off posting WIP's here. So I'll be posting the final images soon.)

Mauricio Ruiz Design
IG mauricio_ruiz_design

Friday, February 3

Nuthin' But Mech 4 Artists

The final outing. 

Andrea Mancarella -
Ara Kermanikian -
Benjamin Louis -
Bryan Repka -
Chris Rosewarne -
Danny Gardner -
Edon Guraziu -
Furio Tedeschi -
Gustavo Mendonca -
Hugo Bermudez -
Jeremy Cook -
Kirill Chepizhko / Valentin Sorokin -
Luca Zampriolo -
Mieke Loomis Hutchins -
Nathan Dollarhite -
Nikolai Lockertsen -
Pat Presley -
Patrick O’Keefe -
Steve Talkowski -
TyRuben Ellingson / Mike Collier -

Thursday, February 2

ADRIEN WIRA / TROOPER 2017 - photoshop

Hi all , here is my latest work for 2017
A Trooper that I recently created. You ll find the very first quick and dirty sketch , then the refined photoshop sketch and the final render.
Photoshop work
Photo-bashing process

Wednesday, January 11

Edubots Volta and Marie

The Edubots are part of my personal Project called OUREA, a friend of mine and I are writing a Sci-Fi Novel at the Moment and I am doing as well a lot of designs for it.

Education Units/ Edubots, are responsible for the clones aboard the Ourea. It is their task to raise and educate the 1000 clones on their way to our new home, Aion...
The Edubot skin is a highly flexible and resistant polymer, similar to our skin but much better.

My design goal was to let them look as clean as possible and a bit human but in a non human way. I hope it worked out : )  

Hope you like it!